Pfizers lipitor new strategy for patent

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New Pfizer discount keeps brand-name Lipitor cheap

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Update: Pfizer and Lipitor (Show me the money!)

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Pfizer settles Protonix patent case for $15B

Pfizer has in common a strategy to try to keep people buying and physicians prescribing brand name Lipitor and revising their market share to some time. The case is about Pfizer's blockbuster anti-cholesterol reducing drug, Lipitor, the largest selling pharmaceutical brand in the world.

Despite Lipitor being a late entrant in the statin market, it managed to become the market leader due to the aggressive marketing strategy adopted by Pfizer. Pfizer's strategy is cunning and could become the new norm, as most other drug makers also face generic competition to top-selling medicines and haven't been coming up with replacements.

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Pfizer Inc (NYSE: PFE) announced today that it has entered into a series of agreements with Aurobindo Pharma Ltd., a pharmaceutical company based in India, to commercialize medicines that are no longer patent protected, and have lost market exclusivity in the United States and Europe, further progressing its Established Products Business Unit strategy.

In Europe, Pfizer extended the drug's patent protection by six months to Maywith the announcement of new paediatric data enabling the launch of a chewable grape-flavoured version of Lipitor for children in the EU by November Pfizer Inc.

announced Monday it will cut 10, jobs, as the world's largest drugmaker seeks to cut costs by up to $2 billion a year amid fierce competition from generic drugs. Mar 28,  · Pfizer faces a lawsuit claiming it marketed the cholesterol-reducing drug Lipitor for non-approved purposes -- a claim it may hear a lot as states battle costs due to.

Pfizer: Strategy, Layoffs, and Money Pfizers lipitor new strategy for patent
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