Neuro economic actors in organizational decision making an

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Given a management decision (or a medication) M, observe its bipolar organizational (or medical) synergies in terms of equilibrium-based fusion, fission, oscillation, annihilation, and other effects shown in different agents or organizational components.

Integrating the link between strategic decision-making with uncertainty and conflicting choices, emotions such as fear play an important role in strategic decision-making and influence dynamic capabilities.

Neuroscience Evidence for Economic Humanism in Management Science: Organizational Implications and Strategy business can support managers in decision-making processes.

Organizational information theory

of economic actors. Until now, economic theory has not systematically integrated the influence of emotions on decision-making. Since evidence from neuroscience suggests that decision-making as hypothesized in.

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decision maker's expertise and judgement, external evidence that's been evaluated by the decision maker, opinions, preferences and values of those who have a stake in the decision and relevant organizational actors such as context circumstances and organizational memebers. Risk is a central feature of political decision making.

Prospect theory, an empirically correct theory of choice under risk that deals precisely with this condition.

Neuro economic actors in organizational decision making an
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