Cost accounting and decision making

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Relevant vs Irrelevant Costs

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Concept of Cost and Managerial Decision Making

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Hospital cost accounting is one component that is integrated into StrataJazz, taking into account data from the organization’s past financial records.

By incorporating contract analysis, more accurate reports are provided based on the implications of changing and creating reimbursement contracts. Cost Accounting and Decision Making (graded) You are considering lending a car to a friend so that he can drive to New Orleans.

What costs would you ask him to reimburse? How would your answer change if you decided to go along? Identify the possible options, and explain your choices.

This section lists options that can be used to view responses. • Conduct cost‐volume‐profit analysis to assess the effects of changes in costs, selling price and units sold on the breakevenpoint and target profit. Management Accounting and Decision-Making Management accounting writers tend to present management accounting as a loosely connected set of decision‑making tools.

The classification of costs between relevant costs and irrelevant costs is important in the context of managerial decision-making. In any managerial decision involving two or more alternatives, the prime focus of analysis is to find out which alternative is more profitable. • Conduct cost‐volume‐profit analysis to assess the effects of changes in costs, selling price and units sold on the breakeven point and target profit.

• Identify the nature of various cost items and their relevance todecision‐making: sunk costs, incremental costs and opportunity costs.

Cost accounting and decision making
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Importance of cost accounting to business concerns