An analysis of the vale of soul making to george and georgina keats

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Keats and the Vale of Soul-Making

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About “"Negative Capability" (Letter to George and Tom Keats)” Negative Capability – a term John Keats created, has generated literally hundreds of pages of commentary.

Keats’s poetry is. To George and Georgina Keats (The Vale of Soul-making) The "vale of soul-making" seemed like an interesting choice to do. The letter and the ideas in it touched very closely to things I have personally thought about and debated, and with many of my beliefs.

John Keats's biography and life Keats was an English Romantic poet. Keats' brother George and his wife Georgina accompanied them as far as Lancaster and then continued to Liverpool, from where the couple would emigrate to America.

Keats explored the idea of the world as "the vale of Soul-making", anticipating the great odes.

John Keats

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An analysis of the vale of soul making to george and georgina keats
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