An analysis of the usage of irradiation to make food safer for consumers

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Food irradiation

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Food Preservation Techniques

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Food irradiation (the application of ionizing radiation to food) is a technology that improves the safety and extends the shelf life of foods by reducing or eliminating microorganisms and insects.

Like pasteurizing milk and canning fruits and. questions about food irradiation. In addition, it someness of foods made safer by irradiation. Regulatory Acceptance and Commercial Application make food radioactive.

The phys-ical laws that govern the nature of chemical re-actions and the stability of chemical substances. Unfortunately, food irradiation is nowhere near being common; in practice, food irradiation is hardly even used on approved foods. The only exception to the general principle is irradiation of spices, and even then, only an estimated % of spices sold to consumers are irradiated.

[93]. Irradiation is another tool to help make our food safer. These products shipped through distribution would be benefited by irradiation.” — Sharon Palmer, RD, is a contributing editor at Today’s Dietitian and a freelance food and nutrition writer in southern California.

Navigate the For Consumers Section Consumer Updates Get timely, reliable, health and safety information about food, drugs, medical devices, vaccines, pet food, pet medicine and more. Further, consumers make a contribution to food safety in handling food after purchase and need to be informed about proper procedures.

Consumers and industry must have an opportunity to raise questions and comment about the appropriateness of food control standards.

An analysis of the usage of irradiation to make food safer for consumers
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The Facts about Food Irradiation