Adidas project report

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The adidas Group's global footwear production from 2008-2017

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The adidas Group's global footwear production from 2008-2017

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The PREPARE project is a "top-down bottom-up" approach to improve the efficacy of worker representation in factories in Bangladesh. The project employed qualified local trainers who worked directly with individuals at all levels of the factory organization – owners, managers, supervisors, workers, and worker representatives.

Spring Key Findings Overall Spending Behavior. Overall teen spending up 6% from fall and up 2% from a year ago. Food, beauty and video games continue to dominate teen wallet.

Free shipping and returns on adidas Superstar Sneaker at First introduced inthis iconic basketball shoe (now updated with sleeked-down shell toe) merges classic branding, retro appeal and signature sporty style.

In this section you will find our corporate news archive dating back to To find press releases of our brands, please visit the respective newsstream.

The adidas brand sets the curve for sports technology and streetwear relevance. InAdi Dassler founded his first shoe factory in Germany, providing athletic wear to Gold medalists in multiple Olympics.

Adidas project report
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